LOS 4 COBRE Clown & Mask

The show comes from an experiment a bit “crazy”, as crazy are the protagonists of this project. The intent is to merge two theatrical techniques: mask and the physical theatre; clown and silent comedy.
The real meeting point is the comic vein; the aim is to make people laugh in a simple way, without vulgarity and without the use of the word, wearing a mask with a character. This is the real challenge that has stimulated the creators of this show. It is a sequence of frames representing a part of the society drifting in the middle of a media storm, where most of the time and energy are spent in a compulsive and excessive use of social media having so a negative effect on their ‘real life’ and relationships.
“Los 4 Cobre” is a family that has lost its identity, lost in the virtual world from which they hardly break off. Only the intervention of the father, so fanciful and grotesque, seem to be the way to go out. Simple activities become healthy solutions to their condition of boredom and dependence on the network. Laugh at faults and ironically be self-critical, seems to be a formula to overcome this storm.

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